Welcome to Photography by Spence

About Me

I am a single mother of a teenage son, working fulltime, and starting up a small business.  While I have always been interested in photography, it was not until four years ago I decided to pursue my dreams as a photographer. After stepping away from photography for 20 plus years, I am returning back to it with more passion and dedication. 

I am a lover of natural light and currently working with studio lighting. I love the challenges of the unknown. There is not a day that goes by that I walk by something and see it as something beautiful and inspiring to capture as other see it as just nature. It is not unusual to drive by and see me laid out across the ground to get that perfect shot.  I will work hard at getting that perfect shot and will not give up until I have done so.

I am taking my passion of nature photography to portrait photography. My style is laidback and casual to capture those natural moments that can’t happen in a posed setting. I will take extra time to get to know you and your family so that everyone feels comfortable with being photographed.

      Contact me at: TeriSpencePhotos@gmail.com